About the conference:

Reignite Innovative Conferences happy to announce to you all that Global Biotech-2021 was concluded with an outstanding participation of all global speakers. Global Biotech-2021 focused on biotechnology applications in the fields of Agriculture, Pharma, Health, and Environment. We would like to thank each participant for their contribution and interest in the conference.

We are expressing our sincere gratitude to our Organizing Committee Members Dr. Deepshikha Pande Katare (Amity University, India), Dr. Gadi Schuster (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology), Dr. Kathleen L. Hefferon (Cornell University, USA), Dr. Sabiha Imran (Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, India) for their kind support. Even though they have a busy schedule, they provided valuable time for our conference. It’s our honor to have them for this online conference.

Reignite appreciating Dr. Jennifer Ann Harikrishna (CEBAR, University of Malaya, Malaysia), Dr. Fernando Luis Barroso da Silva (University of São Paulo, Brazil), Dr. Cristiano JoséDe Andrade (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil), Dr. Hema Ramachandran (Quest International University, Malaysia), Dr. Stephen Fernandes de Paula Rodrigues (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil), Dr. Gujan Sharma ( Amity University, India), Dr. Shikha Saxena (Amity University, India), Dr. Dipu Samanta (Dr. Kanailal Bhattacharyya College, India),  Dr. Namrata Kumari (Gauhati University, India), Dr. Ruchi Jakhmola Mani (Amity University, India) for their active participation, and the information they shared at the meeting is highly informative.

We are also thankful to each of the members of YRF and the Student Presentation group.

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Organizing Committee Members

Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, India

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Media Partners and Collaboration