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Associate Professor Fernando Barroso graduated in Physics from State University of São Paulo (UNESP), Brazil, in 1994. After a Ph.D. thesis under Bo Jönsson on the statistical mechanical studies of aqueous solutions and biomolecular systems, he obtained his Ph.D. degree in Theoretical Chemistry at University of Lund (LU), Sweden, and joined as a Research Assistant the Department of Physics at the State University of São Paulo. In 2001, he moved to the Department of Physics and Chemistry of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ribeirão Preto (FCFRP), University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil, as an Assistant Professor. He was subsequently appointed an Associate Professor in Molecular Biophysics at the Department of Biomolecular Sciences where he carried out research on fundamental forces in Molecular Biophysics (particularly protein electrostatics), Molecular Modeling, and Structural Bioinformatics. Biomolecular interactions and data-driven science are his central research topics in all his projects. He is currently researching with three significant aims: a) methodological development of computational tools, methods and simulation software for (bio)molecular systems; b) investigations of generic aspects of ionic strength and proton effects in the stability, structure and function of biological macromolecules in solution; c) application of this technology to functionally interesting systems (e.g.,viral and  food proteins, antibody development, biomaterials, calcium-binding and protein-RNA interactions). He is  the Head of the Laboratory of Computational Biophysical Chemistry (BPC) where he also applies his innovative technology to offer a rational approach to the discovery of therapeutic agents, biomarkers and their controlled release. He is a frequent visiting researcher/professor at Universities from different countries (Sweden, USA, France and Ireland) working also to promote the scientific partnership of them.