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Lightson Ngashangva, Global Biotech-2022

Dr. Lightson Ngashangva is a scientist at Bio-Innovation Center, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) in Kerala, India. Previously he worked as a Research scientist at IIT Guwahati (2016-2021) India and Research assistant at JAIST (2011-2015), Japan.

Dr. Lightson, complete his Ph.D. (Materials Science) from JAIST, Japan in 2015. His area of research interest includes Micro-Total Analysis Systems (μTAS), Point-of-Care Testing Devices, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Bionanotechnology, Chemical Biology, and Biosensors. He has 2 project grants, 8 publications, 1 book chapter, and 2 patents. He attended 10 national and international conferences and showcased his research work.